Huayruro native seeds is used as eye charms or protection charms for the “evil eye”             or in other words bad energy and intentions transmitted from other persons. This does not   necessarily mean that the person looking at the baby with bad intentions or want bad things

for the baby, but he or she may have a problem or an inbalance witin them selves that can transmit through eye contact and cause discomfort and energetic inbalance. When New borned   babies come into this world they are very open and sensitive to energy and that is why many cultures provide protection bracelets for their new bornes.

The color red is believed in various native cultures to also protect against the absorption     of other peoples energy.


Recommended to “clean” and rejuvinate the bracelet once in a while- setting and intention for   it and fill it with love and light using your thoughts, if you want under cold water or put     it intouch with nature so mother earth can absorbe the negative energy and give it new, for example put it on top of the soil of one of your plants or flowers in your home.



Copper has long been used to stimulate healing because of the metals ability to balance the body's polarity or in other words the receptive and projective energy flow. This may help remove unwanted blockages and imbalances in the energy pattern which according to healers and shamans is the cause of dis-ease.

Copper's is worn for many things, such as release of rheumatism, arthritis and other painful conditions such as cramp relief where the copper is loosely fastened around the legs and arms.


Copper is also viewed as a lucky metal and may be used with any luck bringing stone. Its said to attract love and to draw money.