There is a sun inside each and everyone of us,Let it                 Shine,inspire, Love, be free...

With aim to sustain old handcraft traditions and help development of economic growth and prosperity in a developing country, Anima Soleil collaborates with high skilled local craftsmen and their buisnesses from Central America using LOW-tech equipment to create timeless jewelry and accessories for men and woman all over the world. Here are a few of the artisans working with Anima Soleil. 


Javier & Pamela


Javier and Pamela moved from El Salvador to Nicaragua to find work. They spend their days in the market place in Masaya where they sell their one-of-a kind jewelry. Pamela works mostly with treads and macrame and Javiers passion is metal work. Pamela and Javier support their families in El Salvador by sending them money on a regular basis.


"Thank you very much for supporting manual work and understanding how important it is. I wish the world would shop handmade, there would be less consumerism and more value for the real and true man, and then man would be more valued than machines"

- Javier 




Urania is from Nicaragua where she has lived all her life. She has been making original Nicaraguan dresses and costumes for over 20 years and loves to create with her sewing machine. 



Carlos is from Nicaragua and creates unique jewelry and accessories in fine leather. His neuphew is his apprentice and often works closely with Carlos helping him and learing atisans skills.




Danny lives together with his family in the small town of Catarina in Nicaragua. He has a bamboo buisness and together with his wife and they create everything from lamps to sofas that they display outside their main entrance and sell from their house.