This is a premium quality Wayuu mochilla.

This bag is single thread and takes about 35-45 days to handcraft using the

crochet technique whilst the strap is weaved.

Size is a large Mochilla and colors are a beautiful combination of beige tones, red, pink and dark yellow.

The bag is crafted using acrylic thread.


The Wayuu bags are  handcrafted by the Wayuu woman of Colombia, the largest indigenous group of the country that follow a matriachal way of living.

They often elaborate these beautiful pieces of art in very hard living conditions as they mostly live in desert landscapes.


The Wayuu culture is rich in symbolism, tradition and the more intricate and diverse the pattern, the more talented the weaver is.

The symbols on the bags all have special meanings.

Some originate from animals, others universal symbols and geometrical patterns.


The Wayuu bags are very durable and is perfect for a weekend get a way, beach bag,

spark up your day at the office or as a town bag.

The bag can be washed in washing machine at gentle cycle. 


Materials: acrylic yarn


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WAYUU Mochilla

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