Handmade copper bracelet, made in a design co-operation with Javier from El Salvador!  They are made with alot of patience and love,takes aprox. 40 minutes to make and each letter is hammered in one by one using metal block letters. 

This beautiful 6mm handmade copper bracelet is made of recycled electricity cabels and fits woman:

Copper has long been used to stimulate healing because of the metals ability to balance the body's polarity or in other words the receptive and projective energy flow. This may help remove unwanted blockages and imbalances in the energy pattern which according to healers and shamans is the cause of dis-ease.
Copper's is worn for many things, such as release of rheumatism, arthritis and other painful conditions such as cramp relief where the copper is loosely fastened around the legs and arms.

Copper is also viewed as a lucky metal and may be used with any luck bringing stone. Its said to attract love and to draw money.

Recycled Copper "Freedom"